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As your coach, my focus is on guiding you toward a specific point of view that feels unique and authentic to you.


I work with actors both in-person and virtually, in LA and across other regional markets, to prep and tape strong auditions that get great feedback from reps and casting. My emphasis is on moment-to-moment presence supported by breath and a deep understanding of story.

Together, we'll find the approach to character, organic movement, and confidence that are imperative to a strong performace. 

Lexi has never failed me. Every time I get the chance to work with her on an audition, I get great feedback from casting. She helped me book my first TV costar. Her insight into scripts is phenomenal - always finding interpretations I may have glanced over. Plus she's smart, encouraging, and an overall warm presence to work with!

Jamie Sara Slovon (NCIS; Insecure; Criminal Minds)

I love coaching with Lexi, and I can't recommend working with her enough! Lexi is incredibly insightful with scripts and scenes, and offers specific suggestions and ways to strengthen my work. She creates a very safe (and also very fun) coaching space, and leads with gentle but thoughtful guidance. She is also an excellent actress, so reading with her is a joy and working with her always improves my performance.

Larkin Bell (Stranger Things; Die Pretty; Hatchback)

Lexi is my secret weapon, but I’m happy to spread the word about her talent so she can be yours too! Whenever I have a big audition or a tricky scene, I know I can call Lexi. Having an affordable, knowledgeable, empathetic and skilled coach like Lexi is invaluable. She really spends time researching the material in order to show up ready to play with you within the world of the scene. She asks the right questions to guide your character’s wants, actions and circumstances. She helps you find the arc in the scene and is an expert at communicating how to switch tactics to create a more dynamic performance. She is a highly trained and skilled actor herself, which is always important to me in a coach. Lexi is the perfect solution to a cost-effective, empathetic and energetic coach who will absolutely help you BOOK THE PART!
Lauren Sevigny (Salute Your Shorts Fest, SPLIFF Fest, Indie Short Fest - LA International Film Festival )

Lexi is the collaborative choreographer you want for every audition. Through her knack for storytelling, Lexi has the ability to pinpoint and enhance the most authentic version of you in the scene and highlight those moments, allowing you to shine in even the toughest material. She guides you to make great choices instead of just telling you what to do. She encourages you to slow down instead of rushing through beats. She creates a space where you feel safe to try things. I always leave sessions with Lexi feeling like a good actor, and that's really the point. It's all you baby, but Lexi helps you get there.
Tessa Evelyn (Beneath the Banyan Tree) 

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